Handcrafted Sunglasses

We don't currently employ any elves but still every pair of LOS sunglasses is an impeccably handmade, one-of-a kind. In creating the LOS Skate Editions we take genuine off-cuts from the skateboard manufacturing process. It takes seven layers of compressed ply to create that recognisable 'striped' skateboard finish.  The wood is then carved to its final shape before being polished for smoothness and comfort.  

The same impeccable craftsmanship is also applied to our bamboo sunglasses.  Cut from 100% bamboo our bamboo sunglasses are lightweight and the finished product produces an elegant grain in the wood giving the eyewear a timeless look.  Bamboo can float in water and is a highly sustainable material.

Laser Etched

After visiting a lab and employing the services of a man a in a white coat, we were able to create the instantly recognisable DNA of the LOS brand. It's encompasses our skating by the sea, 'Tides and Rides', heritage - our relaxed way of thinking. So you'll find the crab, the ship's wheel and our local waves laser etched throughout the LOS Accessories collection and LOS Grooming range. Each sunglass features the standout bold and fun LOS logo etched on both arms. We love our heritage and so do the people that join us.


Your eyes are important, so we use high quality CR-39.  This makes LOS sunglasses lenses very strong and lighter than a Malteser in space.  They're distortion free – with clarity near that of glass, but are thinner than glass. LOS CR-39 lenses are also far more resistant to shattering than typical glass lenses.  Our polarised lenses filter out reflected glare by only allowing non-polarised light through. All LOS lenses are of course 100% UV protective too.